Ag-Power Groundbreaking in Missouri & Texas


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – October 15, 2014 –Since 1972, Ag-Power has remained as one of the most progressive dealers of agricultural and consumer equipment in the United States. With 17 retail locations in Texas, Arkansas and Missouri, Ag-Power earned John Deere Company’s prestigious Managers Club award four years in a row, from 2010 through 2013.

In March 2014, the Ag-Power store in Higginsville, Missouri was destroyed by fire. To replace the lost building, Bob Moore Construction was named general contractor following its recent successful completion of the Ag-Power retail store in Athens, Texas.

Working closely with Ag-Power and the community of Higginsville, Bob Moore Construction was able to finalize plans, receive necessary permitting and approvals and break ground on the new Ag-Power store in late July, 2014.

The new Higginsville store will replace the damaged property with a dynamic new building featuring 61,759 SF of retail, service and administrative space. The new metal building will be clad with a brick veneer similar in design to Ag-Power’s McKinney location. Ag-Power anticipates this store will open in 2015.

A second Ag-Power store, located in Tyler, Texas was programmed for replacement in late 2014. Bob Moore Construction was named general contractor and Pross Design Group in Dallas, Texas was selected as architect for this project.

The new store in Tyler will provide 20,386 SF of space with eight service bays to service the area’s community, and will be constructed directly adjacent to the old store. The new steel building will be clad in brick veneer with storefront glass in the retail area and will mirror the modern aesthetics and design of the Ag-Power retail store in Athens, Texas (pictured here).

Construction on the Tyler store will begin in late October, 2014. Completion date is protected for summer, 2015.

“The Ag-Power stores in McKinney and Athens are two of the nicest retail properties we’ve produced and we’re excited to carry those designs forward with two more buildings,” said Ed McGuire, President of Bob Moore Construction. “Our experience in Athens and McKinney allowed us to accelerate the design and planning in response to the fire in Higginsville, to begin construction of that new building as quickly as possible. The successful design of the Athens store will carry forward directly to Tyler, to create a superior retail property that is stylistically consistent with other Ag-Power stores around the state.

“We appreciate the trust and great working relationship with Jack Radke and his team at Ag-Power,” Mr. McGuire continued. “When the new stores in Higginsville, Missouri and Tyler, Texas are finished, our relationship will ultimately have produced four stores with more than 160,000 SF of exciting retail space to support Ag-Power’s continued growth. Bob Moore Construction is very proud to be a part of their progress and success.”