Design-build (DB) is a method of project delivery in which Bob Moore provides the entire scope of services under a single contract. This creates a unified flow of work from initial budgeting, planning and concept through design and completion. DB typically out-performs other delivery systems in cost, schedule, growth measures, construction and delivery speed.

Design-Build Process

  1. Discovery Meetings
  2. Create Scope for Bid, Budget and Financing
  3. Pre-Construction, Design and Planning
  4. Construction
  5. Post-Construction, Quality Control & Warranty
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Design-bid-build (DBB) is a construction project delivery method that involves the completion of three distinct phases in sequence. An architecture or engineer is contracted to develop the comprehensive plans and works directly with the company. Then, we work together to bid the project. Once the bid is approved, construction is executed. DBB can often extend timelines and place more responsibility on the company to manage separate contracts.

Design-Bid-Build Process

  1. Discovery Meetings
  2. Choose Architect/Engineering Partner
  3. Create Scope for Bid, Budget and Financing
  4. Create and Approve Design Plans
  5. Construction
  6. Post-Construction, Quality Control & Warranty
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Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is a project delivery approach where Bob Moore operates as an extension of the owner’s team, actively overseeing and coordinating the different stages of the construction project. From initial conceptual planning to budget estimation, design development, and final construction, we serve as a trusted advisor, delivering comprehensive oversight and expert guidance. The primary advantages of CM include enhanced control over project timelines, costs, and quality. In contrast to other delivery methods, Construction Management is characterized by its proactive, owner-oriented focus, with a specialized emphasis on efficient, cost-effective solutions that maintain the highest standards of construction quality.

Construction Managment Process

  1. Discovery Meetings
  2. Choose Architect/Engineering Partner
  3. Create Scope for Bid, Budget, and Financing
  4. Pre-Construction, Design, and Planning
  5. Bidding and Contract Negotiations
  6. Construction
  7. Post-Construction, Quality Control, and Warranty
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  • “Bob Moore Construction was very easy to work with and I was very impressed with safety on the job site, managing the project – from keeping the project on track to coordinating the detailed weekly updates.”

    Glenn Smith

    President & Ceo | Mouser Electronics

  • “I would recommend Bob Moore Construction without hesitation. How do they get my repeat business? By doing a great job time and time again.”

    Andrew Ward

    Vice President | Mercantile Partners

  • “We have built more than 30 separate projects with Bob Moore Construction and we’re extremely pleased with every one – apartments, offices or warehouses, we’ve done it all. Bob Moore is a company we can trust.”

    Steve Huff

    Senior VP, CMC | Commercial Realty Group

  • “We’ve worked with Bob Moore for more than 20 years, and we will continue to do so. Our experience is always great.”

    Tom Kuhlmann

    Executive Vice President | Lincoln Property Company

  • “We chose Bob Moore Construction because we felt they could do the project right and complete it in the shortest time possible. We made the right choice.”

    Glenn Smith

    President & Ceo | Mouser Electronics