Construction Safety

Construction Safety in the U.S.

Construction companies manage a variety of considerations as they oversee a building's construction, including budget, materials and schedule. They also must ensure compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements, from environmental standards to legal employment practices. One of the most important concerns a construction company must control is safety.

The federal government considers construction safety a significant concern. In 2006, more than 59% of all federal inspections performed by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) nationwide, 22,891 inspections in all, took place in the construction sector. OSHA conducted an additional 27,672 state inspections at construction jobsites.

Over the past few years, incidents involving vehicles or equipment have been the primary source of construction workplace injuries in Texas. Fall hazards also account for a high percentage of the mishaps that take place. Other hazards that result in jobsite injuries include electrical shock, cave-ins, caught-betweens and falling objects. Commercial construction companies in Texas must be diligent in controlling the jobsite environment to ensure the safest possible conditions for their workers.

Commercial Construction Company Bob Moore Construction and Safety

Bob Moore Construction views jobsite safety as a moral imperative as well as a legal requirement. Our safety program is so successful that we have been accepted as a accepted as a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program, only the fifth general contractors in north and east Texas to earn this recognition. Because of the stringent requirements needed to qualify as a Local Partner, contractors who are part of the select group of local OSHA Partners are automatically rolled into OSHA's state Partnership program as well.

The construction company's acceptance as an OSHA Local Partner is the latest indication that Bob Moore Construction's safety program ranks at the top for commercial construction companies in Texas.

Leadership in Construction Safety

In 2008 Commercial Construction Company Bob Moore Construction's Safety Director, Dino Sideris, was named QUOIN / AGC's Safety Director of the Year. Judging for the Safety Director of the Year award was based on the candidates' demonstrated technical expertise and professional contributions to advance the safety profession, such as public/community services and involvement in codes and legislation. Mr. Sideris was chosen to receive this award over the directors for hundreds of other commercial construction companies in Texas

Mr. Sideris served as Vice Chairman of the Safety Leadership Resource Group for QUOIN, the local chapter of the Association of General Contractors (AGC). He was also a member of the AGC / Texas Building Branch Safety Committee in Austin, Texas and the Safety Board for the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA), where he supported construction safety initiatives on a national level.

More About Commercial Construction Company Bob Moore Construction's Safety Program

Bob Moore Construction has provided extensive detail about their award winning safety program on General Be sure to read Mr. Sideris's article on the three facets of a superior construction safety program to understand why Bob Moore Construction's safety program ranks among the best of all commercial construction companies in Texas.


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