Pamela Crawford

Pam Crawford

Pamela Crawford brings over 40 years of invaluable experience and expertise to her role as Vice President at Bob Moore Construction. She first joined the company as a high school intern in 1979, displaying impressive skills that led to a full-time position after graduation.

Starting as an administrative assistant, Pam demonstrated excellent capabilities and a strong work ethic. She transitioned to accounting and finance responsibilities in 1983, continuing to grow and take on additional leadership duties over the next decade.

Later, Pam was promoted to Vice President, overseeing Finance and Human Resources. She has processed over $2 billion in transactions during her accomplished tenure. Highly regarded for her financial acumen and leadership talents, Pam has been instrumental in developing systems that have kept the company at the industry forefront.

With over four decades at Bob Moore Construction, Pam brings unmatched perspective and knowledge to her role. Her contributions have been essential in cultivating strong partner relationships and owner satisfaction. Pam continues to be an invaluable asset and leader, supporting the company’s lasting growth and success.

Management & Oversight of Corporate Finance
Management & Oversight of Human Resources