TTI, Inc. Opens New 641,226 SF Headquarters Distribution Center in Fort Worth, Texas


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – November 15, 2017 – TTI, Inc., founded in 1971 and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is the world’s leading authorized distributor specialist offering passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components for industrial, military, aerospace and consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide.

By 2015 the company had made the decision to consolidate its operations into one new facility.

“We chose to consolidate our distribution and value-added operations under one roof,” said Bill Speer, National Director of Facilities Planning and Real Estate for TTI. “We wanted a high quality building in which we could gain efficiencies by not having duplicate processes, such as shipping and receiving.”

Now completed, the new building consolidates TTI’s north Texas operations into a remarkable 641,226 SF facility at Mercantile Center in Fort Worth.   The new warehouse showcases an advanced distribution setup. A three-story interior structure with carousels stores the highest volume products, and 30-foot high racking fills much of the remaining space. Nearly 2 miles of conveyors move products from shelving to picking stations to the shipping department. Shipping and receiving take place from 38 docks with shelters and canopies along the north side of the facility.

“The TTI facility is a remarkable example of advanced distribution automation in action,” said Larry Knox, Executive Vice President of Bob Moore Construction. “Coordinating the installation of the conveyor systems, some of which were stacked two and three levels high, with engineering of the building’s utility infrastructure was a tremendous challenge. Creating a facility that houses such a complex technological operation is something we’re very proud to have been a part of.”

“The Bob Moore Construction team bent over backwards to take care of their client,” said Mr. Speer. ”They allowed us to start installing warehouse racking, shelving, conveyors and carousels five months before the building was completed. There was a spirit of cooperation; Bob Moore took the approach of ‘what can we do to help you move things along?’ They were totally flexible and that had a huge impact on meeting our schedule.”

TTI chose Bob Moore Construction to lead the project based on the contractor’s relationships with TTI’s subsidiary Mouser Electronics and their extensive experience with building at Mercantile Center.

“The biggest factor for choosing Bob Moore Construction was their performance on two projects for Mouser Electronics,” explained Mr. Speer. “Also, Bob Moore had extensive, large tilt wall experience; and, in addition, had completed more than 30 projects at Mercantile Center. Those two referrals were a major part of our decision.”

“So much of our business is based on relationships,” said Mr. Knox. “We have been friends and business partners with Mercantile Partners for a quarter century, resulting in 36 superior buildings and remodels at Mercantile Center. Our first project with Mouser Electronics was extremely successful, ultimately winning regional and state awards for construction excellence. That project established a relationship that recently led to a major expansion of their distribution space as a second project with Mouser Electronics.

“The strength of those relationships is what ultimately led to our selection for the TTI project, which is one of the largest in our company’s history,” said Mr. Knox. “Over the past year we enjoyed the opportunity to forge a new relationship with Bill Speer and all of the professionals with TTI. Now that the building is finished, we hope this new relationship will lead to more opportunities to work with TTI in the future.”