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Introduction to Tilt-Up Construction & the TCA

Tilt-Up Construction has been around, in some form or fashion, for most of human history. Modern tilt-up concrete construction however has its origins in the late 1800 – early 1900s. Through the 20th century, tilt-up construction slowly spread across the United States to become one of the most popular construction methods in the country.

In 1986, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) was established “by a small group of industry professionals who realized the need for an organization devoted to the interests of the Tilt-Up Concrete industry, the TCA has since grown to become an influential trade association that serves as the industry voice on site-cast Tilt-Up construction with more than 450 members in 44 states and 13 countries,” according to the TCA.

Today, the TCA offers Educational Courses, Organizational and Individual Certifications, Events, Awards, and Resources for the public.


In 2020, the TCA unveiled a new program to rank the top 50 Tilt-Up Professionals across the globe. Points are accumulated in five categories: Leadership, Credentials, Engagement, Authority & Profile. Ranked individuals are leaders from member companies, including both General Contractors and Subcontractors.

The TCA says “At a time where information seekers are often met with anonymous opinions and recommendations rife with ulterior motive, it is important to consider the contextual credibility of those offering their advice. With this in mind, the TCA has developed a framework to identify those in our industry who have invested in becoming knowledgeable, qualified and recognized for their expertise. This listing serves to affirm the experience of industry professionals dedicated to steering this industry forward into the future.”

Ed McGuire, President of Bob Moore Construction, is ranked among the top 50 tilt-up influencers. A long-time advocate for tilt-up construction, Ed McGuire has previously served as President of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (2011), is Chairman of the American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) Tilt-Up Constructor Certification Committee, is a Tilt-Up Certified Supervisor by the TCA/ACI and has served in various other volunteer positions with both organizations. More information on the Top 50 Tilt-Up Influencers can be found here.

Ed McGuire, Tilt-Up World Influencer

A graduate from Iowa State University, Ed started with Bob Moore Construction in 1984 as a Project Estimator. Quickly showing an aptitude for the industry, Ed was soon promoted to Project Manager and rose to Vice President of Construction by 1992 and held the position until his promotion to President in 2014. Ed’s leadership has led Bob Moore Construction to build over 50,000,000 square-feet in tilt-up construction projects across the country, in addition to steel and wood frame construction projects, for clients like Mouser Electronics, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, UPS, At Home, Medtronic, Del Monte, Haggar Clothing, and many others.


As a part of their offerings, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association introduced the TCA Company Certification in 2013. The TCA sought to offer project owners, developers, architects, and other stakeholders with a method of assurance in experience, quality, and performance of contractors who have met certain criteria established by the TCA in conjunction with the ACI. According to the TCA, “the criteria includes analysis of company policies, procedures, and ability to consistently deliver a quality product and that they hire trained, certified and qualified personnel in all aspects of the tilt-up construction process.”

The emphasis of the program is on quality control and quality assurance but safety, experience, current activity, adherence to specifications, and owner verification of performance are part of the evaluation criteria” the TCA continues. “An on-site review of company documents is performed to confirm and verify the information presented. Companies experience, performance, and adherence to the programs requirements are reviewed annually.”

Today, the TCA has certified more than 20 general contractors across the globe as a part of this program. More information on TCA Certified General Contractors and Subcontractors can be found here.

First TCA Certified General Contractor

Shortly after the Tilt-Up Company Certification was released, Bob Moore Construction became the first Tilt-Up Certified General Contractor in the United States as a part of this program. The TCA said in an article “Ed Sauter, Executive Director of TCA, and Clay Fischer, TCA member and CEO of Woodland Construction Company in Jupiter, Florida, evaluated Bob Moore Construction’s program July 29-30, 2013. The evaluation included a technical review of Bob Moore Construction’s policies, procedures and safety program, and a physical inspection of an active construction project.”

The article continues; “Mr. Sauter was impressed with his review of Bob Moore Construction’s tilt-up program. ‘Bob Moore set the standard for general contractors,’ he said. ‘Their involvement and control over the safety and quality control aspects of the tilt-up operations clearly set them apart.’”

Ed McGuire, President of Bob Moore Construction, said “This is a tremendous honor. As a sustaining member of the TCA we supported the development of this certification program. The TCA Company certification is an objective, standards-based mechanism to formally accredit contractors that adhere to the highest values of integrity, safety and quality. We were pleased to be the first general contractor to undergo the evaluation process and we’re excited to be the first one in the U.S. to earn this prestigious certification.”

Bob Moore Construction, Tilt-Up Certified Company

While there are many general contractors and subcontractors certified by the TCA that work or have satellite offices in North Texas, Bob Moore Construction is the only certified general contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth whose primary headquarters is located within the region1.

“Bob Moore Construction considers these certification programs to be extremely important in identifying who we are as a company,” said Mr. McGuire. “We have been a pioneer and leader in north Texas tilt-up construction since the 1970s. The ACI Tilt-Up Superintendent program and TCA Company Certification serve as formal validations of our expertise and professionalism. The certifications separate us from other contractors; the TCA Certified Company program is a unique point of distinction that separates us from every other general contractor in the United States.”

Today, Bob Moore Construction is continuing to build the legacy of business owners across the country; just as they have since 1946





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