The Needs of Growing Communities: The Case for Retail Outside DFW


As the population of North Texas continues to grow, the need for retail facilities in outlying cities has become increasingly urgent. With housing projects springing up in cities north and east of Dallas and west of Fort Worth, residents in these areas are struggling to find convenient and accessible shopping options. Today, we will discuss the need for more retail in outlying cities, the challenges that current residents face, and the potential solutions to this growing problem.

The Need for More Retail

As more people move to the North Texas area, the demand for retail facilities is increasing. Housing projects in outlying cities are bringing more residents to these areas, but the lack of retail options is making it difficult for them to access the goods and services they need. This is particularly problematic for those who do not have easy access to transportation, such as the elderly and those with disabilities.

In addition to the challenges faced by current residents, the lack of retail options could also pose a problem for future growth. As more people move to the area, the demand for retail facilities is only going to increase, and without investment in this infrastructure soon, these cities could face significant economic challenges.

Challenges Faced by Current Residents

For current residents in these outlying cities, think areas north and east of DFW like Melissa, Forney, Terrell, Celina, etc., the lack of retail options can be a significant challenge. Many must travel significant distances to access basic goods and services, such as groceries, clothing, and household supplies. This not only creates inconvenience but can also lead to increased transportation costs and time away from work and family.

In addition, the lack of retail options can also impact property values. Homebuyers and renters often prioritize access to retail facilities when choosing a location, and without adequate options, property values could decline.

Addressing the Problem

To address the need for more retail in outlying cities, developers should consider adding to the number of retail developments in their pipeline. Many business owners, who will occupy these retail facilities once built, have expressed a desire for a more proactive approach to retail development in these areas as opposed to the development approach over the past few years that they view as reactive.

At the end of the day, the need for retail facilities in outlying cities in North Texas is becoming increasingly urgent. As housing projects continue to grow in these areas, the lack of retail options is creating challenges for current residents and could pose a problem for future economic growth as more people flock to DFW. By incentivizing development, supporting small businesses, and investing in transportation infrastructure, it is possible to create a vibrant retail sector in outlying cities that meets the needs of residents and supports long-term economic growth.

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