Mouser Electronics: Four and Counting


We were proud to see Mouser Electronics and their new warehouse building featured in the June 24th issue of the Fort Worth Business Press. The article details the 125,000 square-foot addition at Mouser Electronics. Bob Moore Construction is serving as general contractor, our fourth project with the Mouser Electronics team.

“With the rapid increase in technological advancements such as IoT, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotics, and 5G, we definitely find ourselves in a very robust and fortunate position,” said Glenn Smith, Mouser president and CEO. “We are planning for future growth as our customer needs increase.”

“Adding new products and manufacturers reinforces our steadfast commitment to our customers as a single destination for all the components and development tools necessary for the design process,” Smith said. “Our focus on providing the industry’s widest breadth of products is resonating with our growing customer base of engineers and procurement agents in every corner of the world.”

Our first project with Mouser Electronics was a 230,000 SF addition in 2006, since then we performed a 22,000 SF remodel project in 2007, and a 190,000 SF addition in 2016; and we’re excited to be underway on another project with them.

The most challenging element of these projects has been working together to allow Mouser’s business operations to continue uninterrupted as construction proceeds.

Fortunately, we’ve had a great architect and owner alongside us throughout. For example, in our 2016 addition, the new building was located at the current loading dock. To keep the docks operational, the architect designed the project in phases. The first phase was completely constructed and operational prior to demo of the current docks; only then could the second phase be constructed.

It’s been exciting watching Mouser grow over the years. We’ve seen the impact on the City of Mansfield. We’ve seen how they take care of their employees; and we’re proud to have played a role.