Bob Moore Construction Raises $19,580 For Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – September 12, 2017 – Bob Moore Construction has raised $19,580 of employee and company contributions to donate to the United Way of Greater Houston in support of hurricane relief efforts.

In August, 2017 the gulf coast of Texas was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, a massive Category 4 storm that dumped 33 trillion gallons of water, mostly in Texas. 60 Texans were killed during the storms, with more than 1 million residents displaced and 200,000 homes damaged.  More than 200,000 homes were damaged in a 300 mile path of destruction; early estimates of property damage range from $45 to $75 billion, with billions more lost in jobs and future economic activity. Some damage estimates exceed $150 billion, which would make Hurricane Harvey the most costly storm in history.

In an effort to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, Bob Moore Construction offered its employees a donation incentive, where every dollar given to relief efforts would be matched by the company. In addition, the company was pleased to present a separate donation for $10,000 to the United Way of Greater Houston. Combined contributions equaled $19,580.

“It has been humbling and gratifying to see millions of Americans respond so generously to help the people in south Texas,” said Phillip Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Bob Moore Construction. “The members of the Bob Moore Construction family were enthusiastic to offer their support as well. I’m proud that their contributions, matched by Bob Moore Construction, amounted to almost $10,000. With an additional $10,000 contribution from the company, we hope that we will have a positive impact on many families around Houston.

“Bob Moore Construction has spent the last 70+ years building Texas,” Mr. Bell added, “and we appreciate the opportunity to make our contribution, as a company and as a family of fellow Texans, to help rebuild our state now.”