Ed McGuire Appointed Chairman of American Concrete Institute’s Tilt-Up Constructor Certification Committee


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – October 31, 2014 – Ed McGuire, President of Bob Moore Construction, has been appointed to the position of Chairman of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Certification Committee.

The ACI is a global authority and resource for standards, technical resources and educational programs on concrete construction. ACI operates more than 100 committees of established industry professionals to develop standards, training and certification programs, best practices, contract language and more for all aspects of concrete construction.

The C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Certification Committee develops and administers programs used to certify individuals involved in tilt-up concrete construction, an approach to construction used to create more than 10,000 buildings in the United States each year.

Mr. McGuire’s appointment to the Chair position for C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Committee is the latest in a broad range of national industry committee and board positions he has held. He serves on several ACI committees including 211 – Proportioning Concrete Mixtures (secretary), 551 – Tilt-up Construction (past chairman), 360 – Design of Slabs on Grade, 392 – Construction of Concrete Floors and C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Certification. He is also a former President and Vice President for the Board of Directors for the Tilt-up Concrete Association.

“The C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Committee is crucial to the continued success of tilt-up construction,” said Mr. McGuire. “More and more companies are building with tilt-up every day, and it’s critical that we have a modern and rigorous mechanism to validate those companies’ qualifications with this technology. The C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Committee leverages the experience and expertise of top concrete contractors from all around the world to develop a certification program that is universally consistent and accepted.

“I’m excited to have been appointed as the Chair for this committee,” Mr. McGuire added. “Bob Moore Construction taken a leadership role for tilt-up for many years. Our company was the first general contractor in the United States to become a Certified Tilt-Up Company by the TCA, and one of the first companies in Texas to be accepted into OSHA’sLocal Partnership Program. Safety, innovation and quality have always been important to us. As the Chair for the C650 – Tilt-Up Constructor Certification Committee I’m looking forward to leading the efforts to improve the standards for tilt-up construction throughout the industry.”