Bob Moore Construction Selected as Member of OSHA Partnership


OSHA Accepts Bob Moore Construction into Elite Group of General Contractors

Bob Moore Construction and OSHA have signed a formal agreement to make the company a member of the OSHA Local Partnership program, making the Arlington general contractor one of only five construction companies in north Texas to earn this prestigious recognition.

The formal signing took place February 7 at the Park City Club in Dallas. In attendance were Bob Moore Construction’s Mike Moore, Chief Executive Officer and Dino Sideris, Safety Director; QUOIN president Raleigh Roussell and members of regional OSHA management.

Prior to 2003, OSHA provided a state-level partnership program for general contractors based on their safety program and workers compensation claims. In 2003, OSHA worked with QUOIN, the local chapter of The Associated General Contractors of America, to implement a new, more stringent local partnership program. For local partnerships, contractors must achieve all state program requirements, but must also implement standards that exceed OSHA requirements and demonstrate superior safety leadership on their jobsites. As such, the more select group of local OSHA partners are automatically rolled into the state partnership program.The OSHA Partnership is a program that grants authority for more self-governance to a select group of general contractors that have demonstrated their commitment to the spirit and the letter of OSHA requirements. The approval process to become a local OSHA Partner takes several months and includes an extensive review of the contractor’s written safety program and records, input from the contractor’s insurance company on worker compensation claims and a jobsite inspection by local OSHA leadership. All local partners are reassessed for program eligibility on an annual basis.

“As a Partner we essentially become empowered by OSHA,” said Dino Sideris, Safety Director for Bob Moore Construction. “With this certification we can perform OSHA-level control of our jobsites without the agency’s active, on-site participation. This is a tremendous partnership of trust based on a demonstrated track record of excellence. Our safety standards are in no way diminished – in fact, they’re increased to levels well above minimum legal requirements and we will continue to meet rigorous reporting requirements to the agency. The difference is that we’re now empowered to respond to safety matters more efficiently and aggressively than before because we have earned the trust of OSHA that allows us to take on more ownership of our program.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been accepted in this partnership,” said Ed McGuire, Vice President of Construction for Bob Moore Construction. “We expect safety to be a core value for anyone who works on our jobsites. That is what drives our safety program, our constant training of superintendents and subcontractors and our active involvement with QUOIN initiatives like the biannual safety stand-downs. Dino Sideris extends our philosophy to all construction jobsites in Texas by serving on the Texas Building Branch Safety Committee in Austin and QUOIN’s Safety Forum and Safety Leadership Committee. Now as a member of the local OSHA Partnership we can take even greater ownership of jobsite safety and collaborate with more closely OSHA and QUOIN. Thanks to the efforts of Dino Sideris and our superintendents, Bob Moore Construction continues to be a recognized leader in construction safety in north Texas.”