Bob Moore Construction Completes Five-Story Parking Garage in Addison Texas for Lincoln Property Group


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – August 13, 2014 – Village on the Parkway, owned in a Partnership between Lincoln Property Company, The Retail Connection and Long Wharf Real Estate Partners, is an upscale retail center in north Dallas / Addison, Texas. With 40 stores and restaurants set in a retail community design, complete with tree-lined roads, water fountains and patios, Village on the Parkway serves more than 187,000 professionals who work in the local market every day.

As part of the Village’s development strategy, Lincoln Property Company recognized that a significant increase in parking spaces would be necessary to support the shopping area’s growing customer base. “We really wanted to create an urban and active entertainment zone at the southern end of the development and in order to develop the desired atmosphere, a parking garage was a must,” said Jarrod Yates, Vice President of Lincoln Property Company.

Lincoln Property Company selected Bob Moore Construction to build a new multi-story parking garage following the general contractor’s successful completion of Village on the Parkway’s Whole Foods Market in 2013. Completed in July, 2014, the new 216,793 SF garage provides 622 new parking spaces over five stories. The facility includes interior lighting, emergency lighting, three elevators and three stairwells. Attached to the parking garage is a speculative retail building with 20,000 SF over two stories. The exterior of this building is finished with two paint colors, cultured stone veneer, and steel / wood sunscreens and canopies crafted in a modern design style.

The new garage is constructed with precast concrete. The garage structure was assembled with 565 separate pieces of precast concrete that were formed elsewhere and delivered to the construction site on flatbed trucks. “We had limited land area for construction, with tenants in open businesses directly adjacent to the construction site,” explained Mr. Yates. “We needed a way to minimize the project’s duration and impact to all of our tenants and create efficient and economically feasible parking structure. That said, we still wanted a structure that was harmonious with the surrounding retail environment. Pre-cast concrete was the perfect choice for meeting all our requirements.”

“The challenge of this project was its close proximity to several operating businesses, shopping development roadways, a separate construction project and the access road for the North Dallas Tollway,” said Kyle Whitesell, Executive Vice President with Bob Moore Construction. “We had to coordinate our materials deliveries closely to ensure we didn’t disrupt traffic flow in the shopping area or the tollway. This was a textbook example of the type of project that should be done with precast concrete, and it worked extremely well for us.

“The visual impact of this structure is remarkable,” added Mr. Whitesell. “It is a superior parking structure to match the upscale design standards that makes Village on the Parkway such a unique, enjoyable place to shop.”

“I think the garage turned out great,” said Mr. Yates. “We were able to create over 600 parking spaces in our growing shopping center. I feel that the thousands of visitors to our retailers, restaurants and the movie theater will really enjoy the increased availability of safe, covered parking, particularly during peak hours and holiday seasons.”

“It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals like Jarrod Yates and Lincoln Property Company,” said Mr. Whitesell, “particularly when we have years of experience working together. The collaborative approach and comfortable communications we enjoy with Lincoln Property Company allows us to deliver top quality buildings that meet the high levels of expectation that our two companies share.”

“The garage is the most recent addition to a long list of successful projects that Lincoln Property Company has completed with Bob Moore Construction,” Mr. Yates added. “I think that we mutually benefit from this long standing relationship. We do not have a learning curve with each project; we enter into each new project knowing what is expected of one another.”