Bob Moore Construction & Building Medical Office Buildings


by Larry Knox

Bob Moore Construction & Building Medical Office Buildings

Bob Moore Construction’s expertise in construction management makes us a great choice as general contractor or design-builder for your next medical office building. In exploring this sector, I interviewed Rick Pfiel and Kyle Ware – both Sr. Project Managers at Bob Moore with extensive experience in medical office building construction.

How does Bob Moore Construction’s 73 years’ experience apply to construction of medical office buildings?

KW: It really comes down to the talent and the people that qualifies us to build any building well, including MOB. There are plenty of MOB contractors out there that don’t have the construction management expertise or quality requirements.

RP: The talent pool at Bob Moore helps us serve customers’ needs whether the company has built a certain type of building or not. The individuals both on the field and behind the scenes working on every project have the expertise needed to get the job done every time.

How does the MOB construction process differ from a standard office building?

KW: MOBs have MedGas and HVAC Filtration requirements along with some other mechanical processes that a regular office building doesn’t have. You also have specific requirements for the shell that you won’t find in a standard office building. Other minor differences include increased number of parking spaces, standard and freight elevators, and well-lit glass exit stairwells for doctors and nurses among other things.

RP: Big differences from a standard office building are the HVAC and MedGas requirements. Another big difference is the MEP design on plumbing and sanitary sewer, which will need to take into consideration the amount of sinks and such in the doctors’ offices. The lobby in a MOB is generally larger than in a standard office building to accommodate patients and their families.

A team of over achievers:

Our project managers may not brag on themselves, but I will. They’ve been involved in dozens of these projects and have the experience and standards of excellence to allow Bob Moore to partner with you on your next project.

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