Bob Moore Construction Named First Certified Tilt-Up General Contractor in the United States


ARLINGTON, TEXAS – August 27, 2013 – Bob Moore Construction has become the first general contractor in the United States to be named a TCA Certified Company by the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA).

The TCA Company Certification Program provides formal validation of a contractor’s experience, quality and performance. The emphasis of the program is on quality control and quality assurance but safety, experience, current activity, adherence to specifications and verification of performance are also important components of the evaluation criteria.

Bob Moore Construction was the first general contractor in the United States to be considered for this certification program. Ed Sauter, Executive Director of TCA, and Clay Fischer, TCA member and CEO of Woodland Construction Company in Jupiter, Florida, evaluated Bob Moore Construction’s program July 29-30, 2013. The evaluation included a technical review of Bob Moore Construction’s policies, procedures and safety program, and a physical inspection of an active construction project.

Mr. Sauter was impressed with his review of Bob Moore Construction’s tilt-up program. “Bob Moore set the standard for general contractors,” he said. “Their involvement and control over the safety and quality control aspects of the tilt-up operations clearly set them apart.”

“This is a tremendous honor,” said Ed McGuire, Executive Vice President for Bob Moore Construction. “As a sustaining member of the TCA we supported the development of this certification program. The TCA Certified Company certification is an objective, standards-based mechanism to formally accredit contractors that adhere to the highest values of integrity, safety and quality. We were pleased to be the first general contractor to undergo the evaluation process and we’re excited to be the first one in the U.S. to earn this prestigious certification.”

The TCA Company Certification is only the latest industry-leading accreditation for Bob Moore Construction. The company was one of the first general contractors in Texas to have its superintendents evaluated and certified as Tilt-Up Supervisors by the American Concrete Institute in a joint program with the TCA. The ACI grants Tilt-Up Supervisor certification only to those applicants who obtain a pass a written examination and possess five years of verifiable construction experience, three years of which must include experience in Tilt-Up construction. Bob Moore Construction was also one of the first general contractors in Texas to be accepted in OSHA’s Local Partnership program in recognition of its superior safety program.

“Bob Moore Construction considers these certification programs to be extremely important in identifying who we are as a company,” said Mr. McGuire. “We have been a pioneer and leader in north Texas tilt-up construction since the 1970s. The ACI Tilt-Up Superintendent program and TCA Company Certification serve as formal validations of our expertise and professionalism. The certifications separate us from other contractors; the TCA Certified Company program is a unique point of distinction that separates us from every other general contractor in the United States.”