Historic Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction Project - Hoover DamNo business has better demonstrated the ideals of adventure, patriotism, daring and creativity than the American commercial construction company. Commercial construction companies have connected our nation's coasts, harnessed the power of mighty rivers, tunneled beneath great cities and touched the skies overhead. Today, you can't enter a building, drive a road, ride a train or subway or even use a manufactured product without experiencing the result of some commercial construction company's efforts. These visionaries have literally paved the way for America's economy and way of life. Every day, commercial contractors all across the country are breaking ground on new structures, expanding and improving roads and bridges and improving our nation's commercial and transportation infrastructure - extending the veins and arteries of commerce, which carry our economy's lifeblood.

The work of commercial construction companies is almost always unheralded. Occasionally, however, a construction project is so monumental in its scope or impact on our society that it captures the world's attention. A selection of those historic construction projects is showcased on this site. These famous projects show the ingenuity, dedication and courage demonstrated by the commercial construction companies that took them from vision to reality. The hardships and dangers the workers faced, the challenges the companies overcame and the new technologies they developed provide a remarkable testimonial to the American construction company and its honorable place in our society's development.

Historic Commercial Construction Company Projects

Follow the links below for descriptions of construction companies and their historic construction projects:

CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ Complex - This four-building air cargo complex at Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport in Texas may be the most significant air cargo project to be built un the United States. With the completion of this complex in December 2005, DFW became the first airport in the United States to offer an air cargo facility with parking space specifically designed to accommodate the Airbus A380 aircraft.

We have provided the following articles on historic commercial construction projects for your reading enjoyment.

Commercial Construction Project - CargoCentre III and AirFreight and LogisticsCentres CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ - The Airbus A380 dwarfs other aircraft, and no U.S. airport facilities could support it. Not until the CargoCentre™ III and AirFreight & LogisticsCentres™ complex at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, that is. Bob Moore Construction was the commercial construction company who tackled this challenging and historic project.

Commercial Construction Project - Empire State Building Empire State Building - In 1931 the Empire State Building became the tallest building in the world. At 1,250 feet tall it broke the thousand-foot mark - the construction industry's equivalent of shattering the sound barrier - and produced astonishment throughout the commercial construction world. Bill Starrett was the commercial contractor and was in charge of its actual construction.



Commercial Construction Project - Hoover Dam Hoover Dam - Several commercial construction companies wanted to build the Hoover Dam, but no one commercial constructin company would be able to handle a project of this magnitude. It took a group of general contractors and commercial construction companies named the Six Companies Consortium to tame the Colorado River and bring the Hoover Dam to reality.



Commercial Construction Project - Our Lady of Angels Cathedral Our Lady of Angels Cathedral - Our Lady of Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles is the third largest cathedral in the world. The visionary for this building, Cardinal Roger Mahoney dreamed of a cathedral that would rival any of the wonders in Europe, that would stand for centuries and give comfort to all who entered. He chose Morley Construction Company as the commercial construction company.


Commercial Construction Project - Water Tower Place Water Tower Place - Water Tower Place in Chicago was the tallest reinforced concrete building in the world from 1975 to 1990. Named after the Chicago Water Tower, the building was designed by Loebl, Schlossman, Dart & Hackl. The commercial construction company who built Water Tower Place was Inland-Robbins Co.


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